5 Steps To Transition Your Wardrobe Into spring

For the optimists, summer is still totally in the air, your sandals are cemented to your feet and winter seems so impossibly far away.  On the other hand, the pessimists are still firmly rooted in their winter boots and reluctant to remove those layers. Sometimes, it seems like never the two camps shall meet and agree on what season we are actually in (at the start of Spring). This was until the fashion world proposed some kind of peace-core, with the middle ground known as ‘transition’.

What is transition?

‘Transition’ is that moment when you suddenly realize that you’re sweltering in your winter jacket, but it’s too cold to go coatless.   It occurs sometime in early spring, but think of it like a middle season, a little stop off before we hit Summer and it’s often a place where many people lose their way.

Spring IS here (kind of)

Sun is in the air; the daffodils shoots are poking through the soil and there is an optimistic feeling that summer is coming.  Of course, there is still that winter chill lurking, which makes dressing for this time period particularly tedious.  In fact, if you look around you now you are guaranteed to see a whole variation on how to embrace transitional, with many women still clinging on to their winter jacket whilst others have reached right for their sandals.

If you are confused on how to dress for the sun while the temps stay lingering around 12 degrees, then follow our essential ‘Spring Transitional’ guide below.

1). Denim


When spring comes, your denim wash should begin to get lighter, your fit should get more relaxed and your pant legs should be turned up so that they show a bit of ankle – a small acknowledgment to the warmer temps.

2). Stripes


Breton tees are every girl's transitional go-to because they can instantly add a spring to any wardrobe. Color combos are pretty much endless but, if you are new to Breton, start with the classic navy and white offering and add from there.

3). Leave the socks


Your feet have been in winter boots all season and are dying to be free, just hold off before you jump straight to the flip-flops.  Instead, opt for a half way step by ditching the socks for flirty ankles and fresh spring feels.

4). Pop of color


 Nothing says spring like color, so add a flash of it to your wardrobe for an instant spring update! Whether it's your bag or your accessories color is set to add a spring to your step. This year, Pantone have awarded the hue ‘Greenery’ Color King of 2017, so you’d do well to stay trend away and go green!

5). Sunglasses


It’s just wrong to have your sunglasses on during winter (even with the low glaring sun) but in the transitional period it’s SO right – dig them out now, even if it’s just for 15 mins, as nothing says spring like shades.

There you go, 5 easy steps to help you flawlessly transition into Spring! No thanks needed.


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