7 Fashion Gift Ideas for Your Stylish Mom this Mother’s Day

Your Mom is amazing; not only is she a caring, fabulous, and ultra-organized superwoman, she also finds time to stay ahead in the fashion stakes. If your Mom is eternally stylish then a gift that indulges her wardrobe might be the perfect choice for her this Mother’s Day. Longer lasting than flowers and more personal than chocolates, a fashion gift shows that you appreciate both her and her unique look. We’ve brought together our favorite fashion gifts to show your stylish Mom how much you care, below. 

 A Silk Scarf


You don’t have to worry about fit just beauty with a gorgeous silk scarf that she can wear any which way. Choose patterns and colors that suit her personality alongside luxury materials that stay timelessly elegant.  Our Geometrical Silk Twill Square Scarf is both bold enough to be noticed but classic enough to be worn anytime. The jewel bright colors will help her outfits pop this spring.

 A Necklace


A gorgeous piece of jewelry is something your Mom can treasure forever. Be brave and choose a statement piece that is a little different from her usual style and will inspire endless compliments. Our Pear-Shaped Moonstone Pendant is a beautiful gift that showcases an unusual stone in an elegant prong setting.

 A Purse


A great purse makes any outfit sing. Why not choose a designer bag that she would never splash out on herself? If this is a little outside your price range pick a wallet or smaller accessory that she will love and will still add a little extra luxury to her everyday wardrobe.


A woman can never have enough earrings in her collection. A delicate, wear-anywhere pair will lift her spring wardrobe and let her take a reminder of you wherever she goes. Our stunning Rose Quartz Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver make the perfect gift for your Mom. A decorative, intricate silver setting adds a vintage feel to these lovely studs, while milky semi-precious stone twinkle gorgeously with any outfit.

An Amazing Pair of Shoes


Want to give your Mom a really special gift this mother’s day? Splurge on a pair of designer shoes that she has had her eye on forever. Pick a beautiful pair for special occasion wear that will add a real spring to her step. Be sure not to forget beautiful packaging and give extra impact to your gift.

A Watch


A pretty new timepiece makes an amazing gift for your Mom. It’s thoughtful, practical and can be truly beautiful. Engrave a heartfelt message on the back for bonus gifting points and watch your Mom melt!

Your Mom deserves the best so whether you choose a small gift or an extravagant one, pick the best you can afford within your budget. She will love the thought and time you put into the perfect stylish gift.  

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