Channel Your Inner Hollywood Icon with a Silk Scarf

When one thinks of old-Hollywood, fantastic film and glamorous leading ladies come to mind – Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly and Faye Dunaway, to name a few. These sophisticated and feminine actresses were the shining stars of the era and they epitomized that classic and desirable look. Often seen in attractive figure-hugging dresses or classically-tailored ensembles, the one fashion accessory which they all lovingly wore was the silk scarf. Chic, elegant and so easy to wear, silk scarves earned their reputation as the definitive go-to accessory for these women to help create that perfectly stylish look. Silk instantly adds an element of fun and interest to any look and can help an outfit feel fresh and complete. At Ennea, we are pleased to present our wide selection of silk chiffon and silk twill scarves, and with our affordable pricing, now is your opportunity to channel your inner old-Hollywood icon.

Roman Holiday – Audrey Hepburn


Audrey Hepburn epitomized simple, definitive dressing. Her scarf knot of choice was a classic choker style worn tidy and off to the front or side. For those with light skin coloring like Audreys, choosing a brightly-colored pattern can add vibrancy to your skin tone. We recommend our Geometrical silk twill scarf to add that much-needed and desired pop of color, making it a great addition to a neutral outfit.

Violet Eyes – Liz Taylor


Elizabeth Taylor was one of the most popular stars of classical Hollywood, but was equally popular for her piercing violet eyes. For women like Elizabeth who have a medium-tone complexion, choose a scarf with a subtle shade and avoid excessive patterns. We think our Paris Love scarf adds an elegant interest to everyday dressing with its deep color and stylish design.

Royal Style – Princess Grace of Monaco


Grace Kelly was poised and sophisticated. With her blonde hair often styled in a bun, her fashionable good looks caught the eye of a Prince whom she later married to become Princess Grace of Monaco. Timeless and alluring, her favorite accessory was the silk scarf, embodying femininity and a finishing touch all wrapped up into one. To emulate Princess Grace’s look, we suggest Nautical for its colorful play on the always-popular seaside trend.

Beautiful Bandit – Faye Dunaway


Do as Ms. Dunaway did in Bonnie and Clyde and wear your scarf as a true symbol of female fashion. Here your silk scarf doesnt necessarily have to be functional. Instead, it can embellish, complement and beautify, making it a versatile, elegant and casual accessory to help achieve a classic and glamorous look. Take your style up a notch with our Birds & Flowers silk chiffon scarf. With its bright and colorful charm, it brings its wearer a sense of iconic style and pairs beautifully with a classic white shirt.

The silk scarf continues to be known as a classic fashion accessory and it is no wonder why it was adored by so many of Hollywoods elite. Versatile enough to be worn in many ways, it adds that special touch to any outfit making it a finished, covetable look. With so many options to choose from at Ennea, how can you pass one up?

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