For Mother's Day: How My Mom Influences My Style

Mother's Day is just around the corner which means I’ve been reminiscing not only about the fantastic memories my mom and I have shared, but also her unbelievable style and how it’s influenced my own style. My mom continues to inspire me every day.

My mom's wardrobe is a 70s paradise – lucky for me, she's still as thrifty as ever and never gives me a second look when I stroll out the front door in her favorite pair of velvet heels. And if she does, it's only because it’s date night and she was planning to wear the same heels.

Colorful patterns and prints

From floral and paisley bursting with color, to feminine, flirty embroidery and hallucinogenic swirls of orange, pink, and yellow, I have always been taught to embrace color – usually in the form of airy silk chiffon bell-sleeve blouses or cute, timeless long-sleeve A-line mini dresses. My mom has a gorgeous red silk satin polka dot mini dress that, usually, makes an appearance during family lunches on a Sunday – particularly striking when I loosely curl my hair to one side. My mom insists that I wear it without a belt, however, when she's not looking, I like to cinch it in at the waist. That is, perhaps, something I've noticed when looking at my mom's style – she's not one for belts and prefers to tuck in blouses and, sometimes, even sweatshirts to make everything fit that little bit better.

Bell-bottom trousers

These days, my mom will look back at her heavy wool or denim bell-bottoms and laugh, remembering how chic and “Hollywood glamour” it was to wear bell-bottom jeans with a sharply tailored jacket that you'd altered yourself, scrambling around a sewing machine on a weekend – everyone did it but no one told. However, my mom won't go near a pair of bell-bottoms now which means I'm the proud owner of three pairs or more. For some reason, when an older woman wears a pair of bell-bottoms it seems like she's trying to re-live the past while a younger woman, or a mere girl, throws on a pair and it's incredibly flattering. Better still, if paired with a cropped top or an embroidered bralette you’ve got yourself a thoroughly bohemian ensemble – my personal go-to when bound for a music festival.



My mom has a handful of gorgeous jumpsuits; however, it was my idea to get them out the wardrobe and try them on. She has a fantastic figure and still rocks a shimmering sequin jumpsuit, however, it's the resurgence of jumpsuits in my wardrobe and, of course, the wardrobes of girls in their twenties and early thirties everywhere that has triggered jumpsuit nirvana. Even though I love the jumpsuit look, it can feel dressy so I like to play with the silhouette in the summer by choosing an oversized playsuit instead, usually with a gathered waist and thin spaghetti straps. Otherwise, the only time you’ll find me in a jumpsuit is when I'm heading to a gig or for drinks – I have a stunning glittered black and gold number that's unbelievably comfortable and looks spot-on with a pair of strappy heels.

Bohemian Rhapsody


If there's one style my mom does brilliantly, it's boho. I’d consider boho to be her defining style – the floaty floral maxi skirts and multi-layered lace throws and blouses are never too far away. Lucky for me, boho is all about oversized, comfortable clothing so there are few pieces in my mom's wardrobe I can't pick-up and (not to toot my own horn) look fantastic in. Recently, I have been trying the headscarf look, wrapping brightly colored silk around the top of my head and letting my brown locks flow to my shoulders – I'll be happier when my hair's grown a few more inches but it's a look you must try. For ultimate boho, my mom has a gorgeous embroidered waistcoat in a muddy brown that looks stunning with almost anything but especially a long chiffon maxi dress – V-neckline, of course.

Shoes, shoes and, yes, more shoes


I could talk about shoes forever and a day – one of the pastimes my mom and I indulge in is an afternoon spent sifting through thrift stores for the perfect pair of velvet boots and strappy heels and, boy, does she have quite the collection. As if by magic, we share a shoe size so I'm always stealing her shoes. My favorites? A breath-taking pair of beige embroidered canvas boots adorned with a flurry of red, green, and yellow flowers. Closely followed, my mom's velvet ankle boots – especially helpful now that velvet is all the rage again (I have dresses in purple, emerald green and red!). Like the bell-bottoms, my mom refuses to pair ribbed socks with her chunky peep-toe heels but I can't resist – I love pairing my black velvet peep-toe heels with some ribbed, rolled-over mustard yellow socks.

 In all these ways and more, my mom inspires my style every day – I'm basically her mini-me! Next time you're stuck for what to wear (and even if you're not), remember there's a treasure trove just across the hall – you’ll be pleasantly surprised, I promise.

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