The Best Way To Wear Printed Scarves

You’ve just purchased a beautifully printed scarf and you’re excited to wear it. Like with most clothing items you purchase, it takes time to decide on the best way to wear it. For instance, if you find a pair of pendant earrings, you'll have to figure out the right outfit they would look best with or how to make them stand out the right way. With accessories, this process can be a bit more fun than if you purchase a vest on impulse and have no idea of the correct way to wear it. While you could pair the vest with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, you’re not sure if it’s the most flattering choice.

When it comes to printed scarves, the process is very similar. With this accessory, you’re able to spice up a lot of outfits with color, but you’re not sure if it’s really the most flattering style for your body shape, the color scheme, or even the event where you’re going to be wearing the outfit. This is why we’ve put together some ways you can style a printed scarf in a flattering manner without having to undergo a trial and error process. With these tips, you can just jump into a flattering outfit with a pop of versatility without needing to worry about whether it looks fantastic — and you know it does — or flattering.

Style A Printed Scarf

These five ways to style a printed scarf will complete your ultimate outfit. From spicing up a jean outfit to adding some color and versatility to a business suit, these printed scarves are just the solution to your dull-drum style. Even though you might work at a corporate company, you can add some different vibrant tones to draw the eye. If you work at a bar, then a scarf in your hair will be a beacon within the dim lighting. These five ways will add something a little extra in an easy and flattering manner.

Ends Tucked Under

This style is easy to attain. Just fold your scarf into a triangle and wrap it around your neck. You can tie it at the back and bring the ends of the scarf forward, so it adds some dimension and shows off the colors.

A Side Knot

If you like knots and you’re in a rush, then the side knot will add some extra style without going overboard and making you late. You can fold the printed scarf into a triangle and wrap it around your neck a few times before tying in and moving it to the side. You can also skip the triangle portion and just wrap it around your neck and tie the scarf on the side.

A Bow Tie

Bow ties are fun to do because they draw the eye to your neck in a subtle manner. The bow tie can be accomplished by tying the scarf around your neck and then making a large bow on the side of your neck. What’s neat about this option is that it goes great with jeans and tight fitting t-shirts.

Loose Knot

Another easy to do style is the loose knot. A loose knot is a great option for a button down shirt or a low cut dress. The loose knot isn’t tight against your neck and it’s a subtle way to show off your best features. It can also add layers to your outfit.

In Your Hair

Lastly, you can wear a scarf in your hair. Put your hair into a bun and wrap the scarf around or in a ponytail and allow the scarf to intertwine into your tresses. A scarf in your hair is a great way to add some tones without taking away from your outfit.

At Ennea, we have a variety of printed scarves you can pick from. From silk chiffon to square scarves, you’ll be able to find a printed scarf that is flattering and will go great with your style. From peacock printed scarves to mandala ones, take the time to start shopping our wide selection either for your own wardrobe or to purchase something for a friend.

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