Nautical - Silk Chiffon Square Scarf

$ 40.00 $ 80.00

Brand: ENNEA

Product Description

100% silk and hand sewn in Italy this nautical square (33 in by 33 in) scarf is the perfect accessory for any activity. The bright yet sublet pattern pays tribute to your most loved hobby while making you feel glamorous wrapped in silk. Perfect to wrap around your waste as a light cover up on sunny days and to keep your neck warm on those chilly days. Express your love for nautical activities with the most elegant accessory available. It will also add a lovely pop of color for the days you can’t get to the boat. This scarf can quickly liven up any outfit while representing your beloved activities as well as give you confidence all day long with the elegant smoothness that only 100% silk can. Indulge in this scarf and you will never want to take it off.