About Ennea

Our mission is to bring fashion from around the world with a fusion of modern and traditional style. With so much diversity, something new or something different is always in the cards at Ennea.

Ennea was launched to help bring both the art and fashion worlds together and supply people with beautiful fashion accessories that are truly unique such as our pendant jewelry and printed scarves. We are proud to be able to design a range of beautiful accessories all in house and supply our customers some of the best fashion accessories available.

We’re proud to have developed excellent relationships with a range of manufacturers, all of whom help bring our designs to life! We work very closely with them throughout all of the production to ensure that the quality is maintained and the end result is the best it can be.

By getting to know our manufacturers on a one-on-one level, we are able to identify specialties within the different regions throughout the globe; therefore providing our clients with the best of the best.

We are inspired by all that is around us, as well as what we have seen during our travels. We love exotic and diverse designs that show a variety of color and style. By reaching out to manufacturers around the globe, we’re able to provide some of the most exciting and beautiful fashion accessories to our customers.

Our current range includes silk scarves and pendant jewelry but we are always investigating what other products we could add to our store.

We’re proud to offer our customers some of the most exciting and beautiful fashion accessories on the market. Our attention to detail is second to none. We enjoy experimenting with a range of inspirations to continue to produce new and exciting products for our customers.